Keg Logistics and Atlas Keg Company join forces.

Together now serving over 1,000 brewers across the US and the UK.

Keg Logistics announced its acquisition of Birmingham, AL based Atlas Keg Company, a leading provider of kegs to the rapidly growing US craft brewing industry. The combination creates a new leader in the keg management sector, with over 1,000 high-growth brewery and cider customers across the United States and United Kingdom.

Keg Logistics and Atlas Kegs


Keg Logistics

Rent to Own Keg Solution

“Keg Logistics and Atlas Keg Company are united in our deep commitment to continuing to deliver a service and program that has the best interest of a brewer in mind. This is why we both feature a rent to own model that is superior to any other outsourced keg option available in the industry.” – Chris Sapyta, Keg Logistics CEO

Own it – Unique Keg Rental Program

We supply the finest quality kegs in the world, manufactured to the highest industry specifications by Blefa/Franke.

Keg Lineup

Option to rent kegs from a minimum of one year to the maximum of eight years.

The brewery has the option to rent kegs from a minimum of one year to the maximum of eight years. The rental price decreases over time as does the depreciated buyout price of the keg each year. At the end of the final term, ownership of the kegs transfers to the brewery. With each rental payment the brewery is gaining equity in the keg asset.

Brand It – Customized Brewery Logo

Customize your keg with your own silk screen art; brewery logo, URL, on the body of the keg, we want your kegs to stand out. Leave no doubt to the wholesaler or pub owner who owns your keg asset.

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Ship It – Full Service Freight

Keg Logistics can assist with all your shipping needs:
• Empty Keg returns
• Shipment of full product (cases and kegs)
• Packaging Material
• Brewing Equipment, Hops
• Tanks and More

Send us the specifications of your shipment and we will provide a solution and freight quote.

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Not Just Kegs – Keg Logistics

Keg Logistics

Discover our UK rent-to-own programme

enWe supply the finest quality kegs & casks in the world, manufactured to the highest industry specifications. We provide 50 litre kegs, 30 litre kegs, 4.5 gallon pins & 9 gallon Firkin Casks.

Rent the kegs & casks from 1 – 6 years

It’s your choice and on your timeline. With every payment the brewery builds equity in the keg/cask. Rates and buyout values are lowered over time. At any time after the 1st year, you can buyout all or any portion of the keg & cask fleet – or finance them up to 6 years. You remain in control of your cooperage.

United Kingdom Kegs

UK Rep – Simon Horrox  (0)7734-035562

Export Kegs

We will provide kegs for your brewery or production facility in the USA or EU on a “per fill fee” basis. Keg Logistics will collect the empty kegs in the USA or EU. Place another order and we’ll deliver it right to the requested location.  Kegs will be delivered to the brewery within 45 – 60 days.

About the Kegs

Keg Logistics offers 30-liter stainless steel kegs from BLEFA/FRANKE. We offer two valve options: Euro S-Type Valve,  US D-Type Valve. Kegs are RFID tagged to support tracking by the brewery and their distribution supply chain.

Per Fill Fee

30 Liter with Euro S-type valve – $18.00 per fill
30 Liter with USA D-type valve – $18.00 per fill
1/6th Barrel with USA D-type valve – $18.00 per fill

Euro S-Type Valve

US D-Type Valve